Sep 21, 2004


International Banana Festival. What have bananas ever done for me to make it worth having an International Festival over, other than to be underfoot when I don't want them there, and to feed armies of cartoon monkeys?

Odd things are afoot here at the house (they're lousy fliers.) But that is neither here nor there. The guy who calls himself "the mailman" left another bomb for me in the mailbox. I put it in the tub with the rest. They think they will trick me so easily, do they? Fools.

Today's colour: ash gray--gray is the new black. Mulder told me so
Today's scent: stuffed up, can't smell an'thing
Today's word: schadenfreude. It's what you guys have if you read this blog regularly
Today's goal: enjoy work. I like setting my goals sky high

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