Sep 4, 2004

A beginning is a delicate thing.

Dear Blog:

This is my first blog entry, and boy am I fired up about it! It has been quite a while since I have kept a diary, or any sort of written record of my comings and goings, my doings and my undoings, and my downright unholy activity, and I am looking forward to it a great deal. Things have been...hey! The mailman is here, and he has a package for me. Hang on, be right back.

Wow! Gingerbread men cookies! With cutsey little pink icing bits on their little feets and their heads and hands! And a note -- "Dear Irrelephant, enjoy the cookies. They'll enjoy you. Love, an admirer."

An admirer! How wonderful! I've been blogging for all of seven minutes and I've already got an admirer! I'm gonna eat supper first, and leave them for afters.

News Brief
* In June, the director of Thailand's Corrections system wanted away to shift inmates' interest away from betting on the Euro 2004 soccer tournament to actually playing soccer and so had the bright idea to schedule them a match against outsiders, ostensibly to build up their self-esteem, but the outsiders happened to be trained soccer-playing elephants from Ayuthaya Elephant Palace. Self-esteem might have taken a hit, since the inmates could only manage a 5-5 tie. (The elephants apparently were allowed to move the ball with their trunks.)

Today's Colour: Red
Today's Scent: Rain
Today's Word: Pfui
Today's Music: NPR
Today's Tele: Nero Wolfe on Bio Channel

If you're still here, and want a link, how about my sister the knitter's blog? Hereyago--

Oh yeah--Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!


Anonymous said...

Love the beginning. =)

Irrelephant said...

Pleased you enjoyed! Me, I wasn't ABOUT to do one of those "Uhm..this is my first post" sort of things. That, and I built this blog on top of an old Indian burial ground, and the restless spirits of long dead native americans keep me up early in the mornings (they're a morning people, apparently) so I usually just sit here and post while I'm abused by transparent native warriors.