Sep 23, 2004

Checkmate, er, king me!

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a really nice department store how the carpet is? I mean, how the whole place is, the atmosphere, the sense of grandeur and posh snootiness, but it all seems to settle into the carpet.

I mean, with dirt you know where you stand. Hardwood? Honest, industrious, and straightforward. With carpet, all is fakery and false platitudes. The noise level is restrained. The laughter you hear is (directed at us?) mocking, fake, flat. But the carpet. There it all lies. The dread ocean of taupe, or vanilla, or ivory or creme, some non-colour, a vast, motionless sea of synthetic nylon (that's plastic to YOU, boy) threads, reaching for the ceiling, being trodden underfoot every day, absorbing the shock of countless treads, the endless hours of mindless chatter. The fakery. The falsehoods, the empty platitudes, the sheer, all-consuming hatred of the carpet.

Beware the carpet. One day it will rise up, and then it'll make our eyes water.

On a not much lighter note, and today being Checkers Day, I find myself wondering if I have to a) take a cab to work, b) listen to 50's rock-and-roll music, c) wear really horrid square patterned clothing or d) engage my neighbor's cat in a challenging, winner take all game of checkers. Oh, and it's Dogs In Politics Day, which I am NOT going to celebrate, after my last two dog experiences. Twice bitten, four times shy?

Today's colour: Yellow, with a black-and-white accent stripe
Today's scent: Checker, by Lloreal
Today's word: click
Today's music: No, that's just too easy.
Today's tele: Is there an all board games channel on the tele? There should be: Next up on the Board Games Channel--Women's Championship Full Contact Strip Chess In Mud. I'd be willing to bet they'd make a killing, and the Game of Kings would certainly attract a whole new clientelle.

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