Sep 5, 2004

"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice

Wow. Some strange things have been happening since I last wrote. The box of gingerbread men I got yesterday? Well, they're possessed. Or alive, or something. I opened it up after supper, was going to have a few cookies and milk and then a nice pipe, and the little barstards leapt out of the box and started running around everywhere! I have never seen anything so bizarre! They all ran off except one, the last one in the box. The little blighter sat up, looked at me with his little brown face and his pink icing eyes and he made a REALLY rude gesture with his little pink icing hands! I tried to whack him, but he jumped off the table and ran away.

I was wondering why one of the cats spent all night freaking out, tearing up and down the hall, meowing and growling. I thought the zombies had come back. Come to find out it's something much worse: sugar-coated food.

Today's Colour: Ginger
Today's Scent: Cookie funk
Today's Word: Hey!
Today's Music: Soundtrack from The Exorcist
Today's Tele: The Possession Channel

Hope you had a marvelous Be Late For Something Day!


Anonymous said...

Gingerbread men! LOL! =D!

Irrelephant said...

Gingerbread men? What, where?