Sep 10, 2004

Feline turncoats

I can't believe it. The cats came back this morning. I realised that they hadn't been driven off, they had all defected to the cookie's side. Traitors every one! I guess they figured to be on the side that won. Hah. I've got news for them.

It just rankled so, it really got me to see them all like that. There I was, walking to the garage to dispose of some, well, never mind what, and there they came, all five of them charging across the yard, yowling and meowing, wearing ridiculous looking icing-coated saddles. And the licorice reins. Get real. High on brown sugar, in a feline pinscer movement they came tearing at me like some sort of baker's nightmare! Hair fluffed all up, powdered confectioner's sugar flying off their tails, and those little gingerbread knights and their peppermint stick lances. That irked me. Bad. What really added insult to injury was the little confectioner's sugar banners flapping in the morning cool. Who the hell does they think they are, Richard the Sugar Hearted and His Saccharine Crusade?

Today is Swap Ideas Day. Tell you what, you give me an idea how to deal with this menace, and I'll take it. Then maybe if you're lucky I'll give you my ideas on how to prevent the effect of chemtrails.

Today's colour: I've got to stop waking up before sunrise
Today's scent: Can't smell a thing, too stuffed up
Today's word: old
Today's music: Funeral March of a Marionette
Today's tele: doubtful

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Happy Birthday!