Sep 9, 2004

Hello, soldier...

It's Teddy Bear Day. I would lock myself in the closet and have a long heart-to-heart with mine, but I think the cookies are holding him hostage. I refuse to check, tho, because once I do they'll have a hold on me. I can't give them a single edge in this game, it's gotten far too serious, far too deadly to let the controls slip for a second!

I tried a radical new technique today. This morning. Okay, I was up at 3:15 am, trying to get a jump on the little blighters.


I baked a whole army of shapely gingerbread women. Took them out of the toaster oven all piping hot (in more than one way! *slightly cracked giggle*) and let them loose. They immediately took off to all the little hiding places and cracks in the wainscotting that the gingerbread men have been using to ambush and attack me, and started assimilating themselves into the ginger-ranks. Victory will soon be mine!!!

Today's colour: Amana Radarange white
Today's scent: I refuse to say "baking cookies"
Today's word: infiltration!
Today's Recipe: Grandma's home-style
Today's Recon: The basement


Anonymous said...

And what are you going to do, brother-mine, when you have little Gingerbabies all over the house? You're not feeding them to _my_ dogs.

Irrelephant said...

Why, my most beautiful syster, I shall...heck, I didn't think that far I guess.

Oh bother.