Sep 17, 2004

I got your dumpling right here

I was doing some soul searching tonight. I sat up for hours, I really dug deeply. I took out my soul, gave it a good dusting, and really looked at what has happened in my life. And I saw that something was bothering me, something was lodged deep in my spirit, and it was poisoning me from the inside. So I dug a little deeper.

I found out that it was from my old school days...the third grade. A young girl, named Bettye. I really thought I loved her. And I thought about it, here and now, really looked at it from all sides. And now I am over her, really and truly. Closure is mine, she is forgotten.

The conniving bitch. She'll pay.

Soooo, today is National Apple Dumpling Day. Hmm. Don't seem to have any sort of dumpling on me today. Perhaps I'll amble by the local Chinese restraunt and see if they do Apple WonTons. That'll be nice. Yeah.

Today's colour: Red. It's always a good Friday when it's red
Today's scent: dumplings?
Today's word: I woke up with "One Night in Bangkok" stuck in my head, so how about "chess."
Today's music: Already done the Chess about a repeat play?
Today's goal: cash the meager restitution, buy an eggcrate for the mattress, and plot revenge against my third-grade obsession. Sounds like a plan!

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