Sep 27, 2004

If I were a lumberjack...

At least this time there wasn't a roommate in my cell. The freaking jail didn't have any sort of network connection, tho, so I was without connection--dreadful!

Anyway, I guess the ASPCA or PETA or somebody got wind of my methods with the squirrels. I'd bet dollars to dog biscuits that Rex next door tipped them off. I can see him now, lying on his porch, his black doggie lips curled up in a sneer. Oh, his time is coming. Might have to put a scorpion in his Alpo.

Now if only I can get these people to stop snooping around the house. I have to keep The Device safe. How do I know they aren't with Them. Ye gods, the subterfuge. Plans within plans within plans.

Yesterday, while I spent my time in the Stony Lonesome was National Good Neighbor Day. Since Rex turned me in to the Thin Blue Line I am less than enthused about being a Good Neighbor, unless doing so involves a few carefully placed mines. It was also National Pancake Day, which is nice, but all the jail had was some horrible boiled carrots and broccoli served with a big slog of Government Cheese. Today, however, was Crush A Can Day. I took out my post-incarceration anger on a few dozen cans before I realised that it'd work out a lot better if they were EMPTY first.

Silly me.

Today's colour: Anything but prison orange
Today's scent: Anything but prison laundry soap
Today's word: Anything but "time"
Today's music: Anything but "Jailhouse Rock"
Today's tele: The Great Escape

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