Sep 16, 2004

In all the tumult

of moving, I forgot the updates!

September 13 was Defy Superstition Day. My old residence used to be #13, so I'm not trisidekaphobic...

September 14 was National Cream-filled Donut Day. As long as it's Bavarian creme. Yum!

September 15 was Felt Hat Day. My utter favourite so far. My loving syster bought me a beautiful shaped black Kangol-style ivy cap, very nice, very chic, and very thick, so it's gonna have to hang out with the other felts until winter settles it's icy grip around here. That'll be around January, likely.

September 16 is Stay Away From Seattle Day, which was pretty easy for me to accomplish, being almost 2000 miles away from it, and Collect Rocks Day. Well, unless I can collect rocks to pummel cookies and marauders with, I don't want no part of it.


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