Sep 20, 2004

Snooker anyone?

Oh boy. Things have gotten a little strange hereabouts. Wow. I took a chance, let the guards down and walked out on the porch this morning to enjoy the sunrise. As I stood there admiring the morning I looked up into the rising sun, and I saw the telltale signs of a cloaked Romulan Warbird. Hah. The fools! They thought I wouldn't notice them orbiting the house! Idiots! I went inside, got my Sub Neutronic Destabilizer Mark IV, and gave them what for! I think the neighbor saw me, but I gave HIM a quick blast with the Mark IV (set on Mince, not full power,) and he went back inside. The Romulans took off, back to their stinking homeworld, but it's obvious that my actions here are starting to have far-reaching effects.

And today is National Punch Day. To celebrate, I brought out my Punch and Judy theater and performed for three hours straight. Not too shabby for an out-of-work puppeteer.

Today's colour: green
Today's scent: cut grass--spent three hours making sure the rebellious field was brougth into line
Today's word: bushhog
Today's music: that sort of ratchety-clanking sound the tractor makes
Today's tele: It was Women's Championship 9-ball,but 9-ball is a lucky man's game. Pfui!

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