Sep 6, 2004

This side toward enemy (coffee)

Geezus. I can't believe it. It seems a thousand years ago that I opened that box of gingerbread monsters. Since that day, they have singlehandedly taken over the house, the yard, you name it. There is no place safe from their little cookie acts of monstrosity. I woke up last night to go pee, stumbling blindly around the house at 4 in the morning, and I walked right into a snare the little ginger barstards set for me. They had strung a tiny suger-glazed trip-wire across the hall, and *BLAM* I tripped right over it, fell smack into a toffee net they had strung between the doorknob and my signed picture of Millard Fillmore.

Then. THEN the little baked fiends started after me with biscotti! I came to just in time to see them charging up the hallway at me, yelling in their tiny crisp little voices. Thankfully, they aren't smart (maybe the cooking addles their tiny M&M brains,) as they had grabbed a tin of very old zucchini-flavoured biscottit that I had received as a gift about a year ago. They had gotten spoiled, and a bit mouldy, and as such were soft enough not to cut. I'm just thankful they didn't find the new tin of vanilla I had hidden away. Those things are SHARP! They'll never find them, hidden as they are behind the...whoa, better not write that, they may be using my computer already. I found KaZaa running this morning, someone had been downloading food-fetish porno. I fear the worst--they have been reading my blog, too. More later.

Or before that, because today is Fight Procrastination Day!

Today's colour: Ginger-SNAP
Today's scent: Too clogged up to smell--took a biscotti in the schnoz this am
Today's word: biscotti
Today's music: Cicadas singing in the trees
Today's Tele: Not on

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