Sep 22, 2004

We are Siamese if you please, Sah!

I had a rather interesting day yesterday. Like I don't, ordinarily, right?

Got off work earlier than expected, came home to find a lovely Siamese cat sitting in my garage, in my parking space, mind you. And when I drove in he sat there with that particular smugness that is the cat's perogative, while I carefully maneouvered around him.

When my vehicle was secured I walked over, prepared to accost this snide fellow, but feeling magnanimous at the last, I was gentlemanly instead. Shockingly, the cat was also well-mannered in return. We began to chat, and I found out that he was a reincarnated Brigadier General who had served in Indo-China as part of the 47th Burma Light Horse Irregulars, during The Great War. I put the kettle on, and the cat and I enjoyed an afternoon of backgammon and leisurely chat.


Today is International Diary Day--does that include Blogs? If so, I've fulfilled my holiday requirements. It's also Hobbit Day, which rather freaks me out. I don't want the house full of dwarves, nor do I care a whit for an elderly chap with a long beard and pointy hat to come and carve runes on my front door, even if it isn't green yet.

The door, not the runes.

Today's colour: forest green--the colour my door needs to be
Today's scent: freshly toasted bagels with cheddar cheese slices
Today's word: runes
Today's music: I don't know, something moody by Lorenna McKennitt
Today's tele: This early in the morning all I could get would be the Farm Report. Nopey no.

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