Oct 16, 2004


Yes. My suspicions are founded! I saw him today, the little grey foulness. He ran across my kitchen table while I was eating breakfast, and he stood there for a brief moment, just long enough for me to realise that he was waving a tiny sign that said "Irrelephant must die!"

Unthinkable! This must end!

Damn my slow reflexes with a fork.


Anonymous said...

I found a little mousey mummy you can intimidate him with today, it's yours if you want it.

Irrelephant said...

How is a mousy mommy going to intimidate a full grown hunk of evil? Unless of course she's a little Jewish mommy mousy, in which case she could go on and on about how he never calls, how she's all alone, barely getting by, and how his brother is a successful lawyer up in Queens but all he does is skitter around behind floorboards and pee on things.