Oct 29, 2004

Anagrams, pallindromes and alliterations, oh my!

I've been backup delivery driver for work now for two days. I'm starting to get used to driving around in "R."

Also, when I drive the truck around, I'm sort of a rolling pun: the truck is an Isuzu NQR. The bigger size up, the one that the next-door furniture company uses for delivery is an Isuzu NPR. I listen to NPR in my NQR when I deliver...uhm...PDQ. See? It's a pun.

No wait, not a pun, it's a pallindrome.

No, it's not either; a pallindrome of NQR would be RQN.


Gonna have to figure that one out.

Oh, and very very happy birthdays to Demented Diamond Dave 'way over in Budapest, North Texas, and to my dear lovely wife the Pensive Lemur who is here at home today while I slave away over a hot delivery truck, and last but by no means least to Danny and his brother Wilbur, who have changed my life more than I first realised.

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