Oct 10, 2004

Children of the Sun

The aliens let me on board their starship today. We traveled for many thousands of light-years, to their distant and foreboding planet; it took only the merest fraction of an hour. We toured the wonders and sights of their beloved home planet for many months, and I saw things to bring me wonderment and awe. Crystal towers, glassine bridges, achingly beautiful people. I recorded it by taking many hundreds of photos with my trusty Riccoh camera, including pictures of their star maps and plans for their magnificient FTL drive (the size and shape of an egg!,) so we could copy them and return to them soon. I was so pleased that they encouraged me to do this, so that I could bring proof back to Earth with me that wonders far beyond our imagining exist in this no-longer empty universe, and that their message was one of peace, welcome, and understanding.

How was I to know that the lens cap was on the whole time?

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