Oct 13, 2004

Geneva be damned

Imagine my suprise. After I tore out all the carpet, I found that my house was riddled with mouseholes! Well, I couldn't have THAT, not a Rodentia Vulgaris living in my house, not paying taxes, eating my food, enjoying my air conditioning! And I couldn't kill the little bugger, but I can't have him living here. And so, I decided.

I went today to the local hardware store, and got one of those little traps that keep the creature alive when you catch him. I figure that I can turn this whole thing to my advantage!
All I have to do is catch the little fiend, keep him alive, torture him, make him sign a confession, rat (as it were) on his co-conspiritors, and publically denounce them, thereby bringing the entire Mouse Race to it's knees.

Today, the master plan is set in motion. The trap is out, the tiny rack is tightened, the bare bedsprings and wet sponges are wired and ready to go, and the confession is typed, awaiting his signature.

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