Oct 2, 2004

I love it when a plan comes together!

It finally worked.

Seven years of struggling with plants and the yard, mulch and the sprinkler system, another three years of planning and laying the whole thing out, not to mention the troubles with transient labourers, and then another two years to get it all trimmed and high enough to afford a view in but not out. All that work finally paid off. I looked out the bedroom window this morning, and silhouetted in the morning mist I saw the tip of a golden crozier and a tall pointy hat wandering around lost in my Hedge Maze: I caught the Pope! Now all I have to do is keep the Pope trapped long enough to catch the Dali Lama I will have the Ultimate Cage Match.

Today's colour: golden Hessian silk
Today's scent: confused priest mingled with boxwood and compost
Today's word: labyrenthine
Today's tele: Trapped!

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