Oct 3, 2004

More "So there I was."

So there I was, standing over a Baobob tree, Jesus H. Christ on my left side, and Lord Krishna on my right, and suddenly the Professor from Gilligan's Island appears in front of me in a giant pillar of fire and coconut shells, and spake unto me: "Oi! Where's the f--in' bar, John?"

It's all so clear to me now. I know now what I Must Do. It's a shame it involves Maury Chaykin.

Today's colour: yeller
Today's scent: warm Pop Tarts
Today's word: cudgel--the thing I most want to bring to work with me
Today's music: Mark Knopfler's new stuff
Today's tele: Sherlock Holmes mysteries, only I'll still be at freaking WORK.

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