Oct 24, 2004

Rodentia Vulgaris Abuse 1001

Did you know, if you rub a mouse's tail JUST right, they...well, never mind.

I have broken him! Seventeen hours of straight interrogation, backed with hot lamps, rubber hoses, dripping water, and the local public radio's pledge drive playing in the background.

He was strong. I admire him for his strength. I was afraid (for a short time there) that he would hold out, that somehow he would defeat me in the end. But I endured, and he finally broke! Squeaked his little heart out! The entire plot, the structure of his terrorist organisation (M.O.U.S.E., the Mobile Outrageous Umbilical Separation Entity, dedicated to the erradication of all mankind's major appliances) and his cell contacts.

I think perhaps today I shall have him sign the confession, and tomorrow he will read it on national TV.

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