Oct 31, 2004

Sam Hain? Who the heck is that?

Success! The broadcast went out this morning! I pirated a signal on that geosynchronous DVD sattelite owned by Ted Turner, and his entire confession went out to the world, superceeding a colorized version of "Night Of The Living Dead."

How pitiful he was! Reading his little confession, denouncing his co-conspirators, letting the world know...

Hang on, someone's at the door. I'll bet it those horrid little fake skellingtons and ghouls, begging for candy. I'll be right back, I've got the garden hose ready to go.

I can't believe it. Amnesty International. That knock on the door? It was Sting. I was so pleased! I'm a huge fan! Well, he stood there, in his cocky British accent and his black frock coat and his tantric sex and he denounced ME! ME!!! And said that he (and a cadre of long-haired pinko commie hippies) were here to release Nebuchadnezzer and return him to his rightful place in mouse society, and press charges against me! 'Crimes against mouseanity' indeed! The fool!

The remainder of this blog has been seized by the Department of Justice, for use in the trial of Irrelephant, founder of the Peoples Liberation Front of New Mexico.

Please go home, there's nothing more to be seen here.

Go on, move along.

Yes, you there, go on.

Stop reading, go home.

Keep moving.

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