Nov 19, 2004

By the way, my cat hates you

My SPAM email this morning was offering to sell me "Riddlin, Pr0zac, and human growth hormone." What's wrong with this picture, other than the spelling intended to get by my SPAM filters (which it did not?!) Human growth hormone. Have these people been sneaking around my lab?

I'm definitely going to have to make sure the Triffid field is unbroken and healthy, and that the leech cannon is tracking properly. It's so hard to find good, reliable equipment these days. I wish Honda was still producing their "Home Fortress" line of goods. Now THERE was some reliable devices. And the Sony ES product showcase, tht was some nice protection-oriented consumer goods. Liquid Propellant Flamethrowers. Advanced Tactical Vehicles. Poodle Guns. And they all came painted in that great satin black colour, with the little discreed chrome silver "Sony ES" badge. Classy!

You just don't get classy anymore.

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