Nov 15, 2004

Deus ex machina

Or rather, verminus ex machina. I've got a bug in my box. At least it's a handy excuse for not posting yesterday, and it's all the excuse you'll get, so you might as well get used to it.

That's enough audience aside for now--back to the madness.

You see, I was going to plug something USB in the back, never mind what, when instead of an open port I found a huge wickerwork structure rising out of my PCI card slot; a towering, shaky, helter-skelter construction of bits and pieces of my lucky bamboo plant, some stalks from my cornbroom, and yards and yards of old speaker wire. At the very top flew a tiny flag, so small I could not make out the device, but rest assured I will be looking into this pretty darn closely.

I just hope it's not pixies. Last time I had pixies I had to hire an exterminator to fumigate the whole house with DDT, and when I could finally go back inside the entire place was littered with tiny lace-winged green bodies.

And talk about stink? Utterly horrid! Repellent!

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