Nov 30, 2004

Flashpoint Alpha

R'okay, this is it.

This is the day you need to get off your bum and email a link to this blog to everyone on your email address book. I kid you not. I know what you're doing at all times, the monitors don't lie. I know you come to the blog, you read the post, you smile or perhaps giggle a bit, then you move on to Homestar Runner or Red vs Blue or even, but you don't tell anyone what a fountain of strangeness and humour you've found in your daily hit of Irrelephant.

This is going to change NOW.

This is the flashpoint. You people are going to be my mavens, the ones who become the meme for this blog, the ones whose opinion is important to other people. You are the gasoline poured on the front porch of this abandoned house. I guess that makes me the match, or maybe the insurance agent, but that's not important right now. What's important is that you email EVERYONE you know, everyone, heck, you need to go and find some of those old forwarded jokes you've got from friends and take all THOSE email addresses, too, and stick THEM in an email. And don't suggest, don't mention, DEMAND! (with at least one, no more than three exclaimation points) that they follow the link you will thoughtfully provide to this site.

Then sit back and warm your hands at the bonfire as Irrelephant goes up like a bomb.

Artists perform better when they've got a big audience. Watch me fret and strain to retain a large one.

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