Nov 1, 2004

I bought it on eBay

Wow. Hallo'een, spent worrying that Amnesty International was going to toss me in a dark, rat-infested jail cell somewhere and forget about me for eternity, leaving me only a slop bucket without a handle and a pile of mouldy black bread. Thank heavens they don't know of any good jails. Nope--nstead of corporal punishment of any sort I received three hard smacks on the back of my hand and a good stern talking to. Boy, do I see the error of my ways.

I've relocated to another undisclosed location, since I think it's going to be best for both me AND Sting to let the mice have the old place. *shrug* It could be worse. Let the landlord deal with it, I say. Perhaps he has a way with rodentia. He did tell me he owned a pan pipe.

The important thing is that I still have my internet connection! My umbillicus to all things important, newsworthy, and true. Aaaah, Homestar, you're a funny guy, but you have so much to learn.

Oh, and I found the wonders of a place called "eBay"! What a marvelous site. Blog, I wish you could see it--it's an online site where you can purchase almost anything, as long as you are the high bidder. And how was I to know that I would be able to find a mint-condition NIB Peruvian Boot Weasel? I got into a fierce bidding war with some Buddhist monk in the Andes, but he was on the old AOL, not that super-hot fast-as-buttered-knives new-and-improved-not-the-same-old-pap broadband AOL, and I had the upper hand! Hah! Take that, baldy!

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