Nov 6, 2004


My sweet gold-plated offering-hungry riding around in a dumptruck god I'm so angry! I woke up this morning, stumbled into the shower, brushed my teeth, got into my uniform for work, slipped my boots on, and found that someone had put a god-forsaken starving, angry, very ruffled Peruvian Boot Weasel in one of my HighTek Magnums! It chewed my foot to ribbons! And it's poisonous spines! It took me the better part of an hour this morning with pliers to get them all out! And the swelling is going to take DAYS to go down! If I ever find out who did that, I'm going to kill them.

1 comment:

Vulgar Wizard said...

What in the HELL are you talking about? Somebody put a WHAT in your boot????? *sigh* You need to lay off the pills, man, it's warping your sense of (ir)reality.