Nov 29, 2004

The Truth

The Truth is out there. I'll tell you now, though, that it's gonna be hard to spot. It's wearing a grey tweed three-piece suit and a matching fedora, and when last spotted was walking with it's hands in it's trouser pockets down Main St. It bought the suit at Gus Kaplan's Menswear last week, during that big sale Kaplan's held when they realised that they had mistakenly ordered not 10 but 100 of the grey tweed three-piece suits they were getting so cheap from one of the big houses in Burligton. So, as you may recall, there was a big sale on grey men's tweed suits that week, and Truth, along with a lot of other opportunistic guys, bought nice winter-weight togs. And to add insult to injury, it's National Dress As Your Favourite Raymond Chandler Story Character, as well as Saint Humphrey Bogart's Feast Day, so everyone who is anyone is going to be dressed as Phillip Marlowe, Private Detective; grey suit, matching fedora, long face and hands thrust into trouser pockets.

I tell you, there are days when I wish I still worked Vice Squad.

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