Dec 17, 2004

101 years ago

On this day in 1903, two secretive brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully completed the first powered flight, at a little beach called Killdevil Hills in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The Wright brothers had been practicing there with gliders for two years by this point, and by 1903 they had built an engine that would allow them to fly, and developed a method for steering during flight. The first flight, made by Orville, lasted twelve seconds and was recorded in a now-famous photograph, taken by a group of local sea-rescue volunteers. The final flight, made by Wilbur, lasted the longest: fifty-nine seconds.

So, in honor of that 101st anniversary, today is the day we bomb the enemy sheep.

No, that's not right. What's like a sheep, only steel and can bring down an aircraft?

Right, got it now. Today is the day we bomb the enemy anti-aircraft emplacements.

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