Dec 2, 2004

4 am

4 am is honestly too early for anyone or anything to be up. My cats are still asleep, the fish are all asleep, hell, my wife won't be awake for another 6 hours. I swear I am the only living thing in this house.

4 am is the time when, finding yourself awake, you walk into the kitchen and buy yourself a shot of vodka, to keep the Night Wolf away. And you take a few half shots just in case she brought her cubs. THEN you return to bed.

4 am is the time when ALL the traffic lights are blinking, and while this is usually the opportunity you've been waiting for, when you can hum "Crockett's Theme" to yourself and drive through all those blinking yellow lights at 80 mpgh, acting like you're Sonny Crockett in your white Ferrari Testarossa chasing the bad guys, it ends up in 4 am reality as the time you simply put your head down against the steering wheel and pray that you get to where you're going by inertia, hoping your muscle memory remembers the right turns.

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