Dec 10, 2004

The End Times

are here, no doubt about it.

William "Wild Bill" Shatner has released another album, this one entitled, appropos enough, "Has Been." On this marvel of vocal styling, Billy Boy relies on the help of other singers, which is not surprising--a voice of that caliber cannot stand alone. What really gives me the grip? He's teamed up on one of the songs with...

wait for it...

Henry Rollins.

Henry "Hank" Rollins: World's Angriest Man, powerful voice, powerful emotion, body like a damned diesel train engine, and a brain to boot. In the words of Homsar "I-I-I'm not gonna lie to youuu, that's a healthy piece of real estate."

WHY the hell is he teamed up with William Shatner: World's Biggest Scene Chewer, undulating voice, smirking emotion, and a body like a...well, you can't tell for certain under that girdle. Does he need the money? I'll give him money. Does he need the fame? Uhm...perhaps he needs the imfamy? He certainly can't need the publicity boost--old boy is in movies, on the radio, does speaking engagements, tours his Spoken Word shows all over the world, and now this.


Makes my spleen itch.

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