Dec 14, 2004

Frozen but not forgotten

It doesn't get WINTER down here. Really, it doesn't. When trying to sell someone on the idea of a motorcycle, I often tell them that we have a good 10 months of riding weather, and two months that aren't that hard to tough out.

S'truth. Today is the first day it's dropped below freezing. All year, not this month. The high today is in the low 50's, I believe. Tomorrow it's supposed to get down to around 22 degrees overnight, which means that the airport will close, the highways will all crumble into ruin, and half the workforce of this fair city will call in, stranded in their houses.

Granted, I'm wanting to be one of those people, but I'm off tomorrow, and so will likely be called upon by the local volunteer group to man the soup lines, or help the Red Cross Disaster Relief effort, or if it snows soon, to drive the big diesel GMC snow plow to clear the roads of that disastrous one and a half inch snowfall that is keeping god-fearing honest people from leaving their homes.

Ah, life in a Southern town.

I was considering posting this a few days ago (the bit that follows, not that rubbish above) but I have been trying to decide how best to phrase it.

Tell you what, let me get the daughter on the schoolbus (if it can make it through these near-blizzard-like conditions,) and I'll get back to ya.

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