Dec 20, 2004

I rest my case

Ms (or is it Mrs.?) LeGuinn checks in on the Sci-Fi Channel version of her book.

On another hand entirely, I think the scientific name for it is "earthworming" or "earthworms." No, not nightcrawlers, it's when a song gets stuck in your head and you cannot exorcise it. I wake up surprisingly often with songs in my head, but they usually fade along with the memory of whatever dream I was having that night. This morning I've still got remnants of the dream (one of those college-stress dreams) and I have a ten second loop of "March of The Toreadors" from Bizet's opera "Carmen" stuck in there. All I get is a big Spanish tenor singing "Tor-E-A-Dor-A...dum de dum da dum..."

Please make it stop!!

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