Dec 7, 2004

If the blog is rockin'

Uhm..well, it's not actually rockin', because The Fates, aka Loki, has been moving against me, it seems. Yesterday morning, my usual posting time, BlogSpot was having some sort of family issues or a bad hair day or some sort of sexual ambivalance, whatever, it wasn't working. That evening, as you can no doubt tell by my post, BlogSpot came back. This morning? Out of a clear blue sky (okay, so it was 6 am, and the sky, while clear, was black, not blue) the power went out. For an hour and a half, which means by the time I was able to blog I had to leave to go to work.


Interestingly enough, I slept through a tremendous storm last night, bad enough that the neighbor's shed roof blew off.

I love living in a brick house.

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