Dec 22, 2004

Oh I say, do you know the times?

This kind of thing makes me ashamed to admit I'm from the South. Why didn't old girl just take a picture of herself and have it made into a billboard with a giant arrow pointing to her stupidly grinning mug with the caption "Racist Whore." We have enough problems without people like this walking around. Someone needs to chemically neuter her, so she doesn't pollute the gene pool.

Then again, I'm awfully glad I don't live in Chicago, either. Old boy lived there three or four YEARS. William Gibson, please take a bow. Me, I love it when Life With A Capital "L" imitates Art With A Capital "A." They didn't say in the article if old boy owned any books or not, tho. He sounds pretty damned smart, tho.

Me, I'm gonna just kill the next person who runs up to me with a wildly panicked look in their eye and, hanging on my clothing, pants up into my face "Do you have any Playstations?" One swift jab to the throat and I'm gonna call for the next person in line to step up. Or over, as the case may be.

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