Dec 30, 2004


Okay, so sitting here, sort of post-stress, I have to wonder what to write about. So much of my creative output is driven by stress of one sort or another, and I haven't been back to work yet (give it a few hours, I'll be there) to build up any reserves, and post-MRI I find myself deflated, waiting the usual two weeks for the doctor to get around to seeing me so he can tell me nothing can be done, go home and take asprins for the rest of your life, and don't lift anything heavier than a dense fog.

I dislike doctors. I really do. And as the years march on and I see more and more of them, I find more and more that they are almost utterly useless as a species. The last few times I've gone to see one, they've told me in essence to keep doing what I'm doing, because strangely enough I have brainpower able to make me do research or whatever to tell me what to do to help myself.


There's not even enough stress in me to work up a good 'doctor rant.'

Got beaten by a 20 year old kid on MSN's GameZone yesterday evening at backgammon. Got my arse HANDED to me, I should say. In the Beginner's Room, of all places. Little barstard, lurking there to slay unfortunates. You've gotta admire a game, tho, that has been around for 5,000 years. That's some stick-to-it-ivness.

The cold is gone suddenly, too. From nights in the mid twenties we now stand at 52* (that's not a footnote, it's a asterik standing in for a degree mark,) headed for a daily high of something like 90. Winter is over, get on with your lives. No snow this year for us, but then again the last time it snowed here it was New Year's Eve, 2000. Time before that it was 1985, and I was a senior in high school, astounded and pleased that an inch of snow falling had closed the schools, shut down most major roadways, and had we an airport at the time it likely would have closed that, too. You gotta love the Deep South.

Ah me.

I guess it's back to work for come coal to stoke the fires of hatred and stress that seem to drive me these days. And make my muscles pull the discs in my back out of alignment.

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