Jan 4, 2005

I gave up

giving up things for Lent about the same time I gave up Christianity. About the same time I decided to go whole hog and give up making resolutions for New Years, because it seemed rather trite to take a chosen point in time, pinpoint it on a calendar and say "THAT'S the day I'll stop..." doing whatever behaviour I dislike, or adding a behaviour that I would like to include. Why that day? Why not start right now, the moment you decide something needs changing?

So, with that in mind--

I've been getting to where I sleep later and later every morning. I used to have a fairly set time to get up, and that was that, and I felt good because I had time in the mornings to do things like eat breakfast, dress without hurrying, and blog. That started slipping in the past few weeks, and culminated this morning when I woke up so tired I simply reset the alarm and that was that. So, no more. Not because it's the new year, but because I feel a need to change that part of my behaviour system.

When my back got bad, I decided I needed to do some lumbar-strengthening exercises. I held off when my back was hurting, because the idea of lying on the floor to exercise and then not being able to arise again afterwards sort of scares me. Now that I've had a week or so (*knock wood*) of pain-minimal mornings, I think 'tis time to start.

What worries me is that these pain-free mornings have come not from exercise or diet, but from the cats.

I have spent the last week of nights with three cats pinning me to the bed, and I'm starting to wonder if this frozen posture and three 140* creatures has anything to do with my sudden health. It would certainly change the face of physical therapy:

"Okay, Mrs. Confluence, if you'll just lie down here and cover yourself with this light sheet, I'll send in my therapists. Messers Fluffy, McCavvity and Rumplesneezer will be working on you for the next hour or so, please pay on your way out."

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