Jan 13, 2005

InvisoFlish (tm)

My wife, working at a huge retail pet store chain, gets the good discounts, so last night, at my request, she bought me some fish. Invisible ones, it turns out.

I know they were there just yesterday evening, I floated them, carefully matched their water with the aquarium water, then released them, whereupon they immediately dissapeared.*

Granted, 'they' were two plecostomus and four corydorus, all catfishes, all nocturnal, but dang, I was looking for them this afternoon to check on their health, and I cannot find a single one. I know they're in there, the emperor tetras are hiding them in exchange for smokes. They can't fool me, I saw two of them and one of the neons hiding under the artificial stump passing a cigarette between them, and I haven't let them have their smokes ever since The Filter Incident, so it had to come from outside.

Part of the problem might also be this: the big aquarium (125 gal) also got some new members, and while J. was floating the bags Cracker, our otherwise intelligent cat decided that he wanted to leap up onto the glass top to closely inspect the goings-on. He didn't think to ask if the top was still ON the aquarium, so he ended up leaping straight into the aquarium. He was saved from a complete dunking by the wife's fast thinking--she caught him by the scruff of the neck before more than his hindquarters got wet, but he still reacted...shall we say "badly?"

* Yes, I know it's a pair of terrible pics--I didn't have time to clean and pretty them, and I'm notoriously bad about taking good pics of my aquariums. The big aquarium is also in such a bad place (there's a post in the way) that a camera lens cannot get it all straight on, but if you were here in person you could sit on the uncomfortable chairs and look at it all and see more than silvery shapes. Sorry! *wink*

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