Jan 22, 2005

The Seven Voyages of Brad Pitt

Watched "Troy" last night for the first time, and likely the last. And no, I'm not gonna gripe and whine about it, it was interesting, it was verrry cool to see Peter O'Toole, most of the actors were well suited for the roles, the costumes were nice, the boats were beautiful, and the battle scenes were huge. I even got fairly upset when Ajax was killed. The plot? I don't think they really had room for one. *shrug* It was worth the price of a rental.

What I was getting at is this--the movie "Troy" is Homer's story "The Illiad," ancient tale of love and hubris and pride and honor and the fall of a great city over a silly trick. I read it first as a child in greatly modified form as the Sinbad stories, which I fell in love with. I read everything I could get my hands on of Sinbad, and eventually grew disheartened that there was only a few stories endlessly repeated, but I kept up, reading and rereading his adventures against the dread Cyclops and fighting to get his men-turned-swine back, and being carried away by a giant Roc, and so forth. It was only years and years later that I heard about this Odysseus guy, and why was he having Sinbad's adventures? Didn't Sinbad already do that? Hey, they're stealing Sinbad's stories!


Wot's that you say? Sinbad came AFTER? This Odysseus guy's story was written like 3 million years before Sinbad?


Colour me foolish. Boy, am I embarrassed. So how does this sort of thing happen in real life? How does someone blatantly steal a story and turn it Arabian, then resell it and make a ton? Copyright laws, public domain, old dead Greek guy, who is to sue? Ah, gotcha.

So anyway, one of my childhood pillars is crushed. Sinbad was a cheap ripoff of Odysseus, and that lead me into Greek mythology, and people like Hercules and Ajax and Zeus appearing as a shower of gold coins or a bull or a swan or...and exactly how is someone impregnated by a shower of coins? Wouldn't that lead more to being pummeled to death than pregnancy? I mean, falling gold coins would HURT. And what self-respecting woman would date a cow?

So my world paradigm shifted yet again, and I ended up reading science-fiction, which made no pretense about stealing from anyone else. It still doesn't explain the two decades I gamed, but that's another post.

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