Jan 25, 2005

Well, I tried.

Yesterday morning, freezing to my very core, walking with my daughter to the schoolbus I heard a small noise up in my garage rafters, and no, it wasn't Cindy Lou Who. Peering up into the dark depths of that raftered cathedral, I see four furry little faces staring back down at me. Yup, you got it. None other than The Other Goil, the Dannon Cat, Finnegan, and his arch enemy Greymalkin.

Thinking fast, and with an amateur photographer's reflexes, I whipped out my...*sigh*...camera phone. Handy little thing, the camera phone. About as useful as a cup of gasoline at a bicycle shop. Don't get me wrong, there's times when I like having a camera that readily at hand, but it's just not all that. I snapped (it makes this horrid "snapping" sound" when you capture a picture) four pictures, and that evening when I downloaded them I found that they were all out of focus and jittery, and I assume because the garage was dark and the outside was light it set the aperature too slow, because all the light is BLINDING, so I have four pictures of cats who seem to be bathed in some sort of rapturous lambent holy glow, and I can assure you that the only reason any of them is glowing is because of rapture, but not of the holy persuasion.

Damn my short time at the computer--stayed up last last night watching a suprisingly good "Arthur," the new DVD release of a new take on the very old legend of King Arthur and his knights, which was quite good. Good enough to make me stay up way too late, so now I'm behind schedule on blogging and getting my child on the bus, so I will say adieu for now.

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