Feb 28, 2005


And sometimes you and the bear just sort of gnaw on each other until one of you gives up in disgust.

I did things today! *lol*

Remember the list? Well, I managed to:

  • Buy a pair of beard trimming scissors to replace the lost pair, but have not trimmed the facial hair yet, even tho it's been a month now, and I usually trim once a week
  • Clothes are still on the couch, but hanging should occur tonite
  • And no, no washing either, but that should commence shortly
  • Bought the paint, gonna start as soon as I stop blogging
  • Made some GORGEOUS trim pieces for the bookcase*
  • Planer was VERY expensive, even with coupon, so I settled on an air compressor
  • Didn't have time to wash the truck, but it rained yesterday.
  • Same with the bike
  • No Swiffering nor sweeping, but I did kick the dust around some
  • Still haven't invented a better written sound for a whip
  • Nope, office still yucky
  • No limbs picked up, but I did SEE the yard a few times
  • YES! Dining room is SPOTLESS! And managed to move two troublesome bits of furniture into there
  • Okay, so I felt pity for the rats. Okay, so I had no TIME to bring peanut butter to the rats
  • Worked on the Dada Tea Service a bit, changed the cups a mite
  • Need to email Justynn about Cornucopia still. Also need a vision
  • Didn't get to ship the brain, but I've got a few likely candidates
  • Didn't sweep the garage because the wind was blowing so hard it was tossing pine cones around
  • Can't afford to get the bike in the shop
  • And can't afford to get the truck in the shop either

Damn, it seems like I did very little. Sheesh.

I did also manage to buy some books, which was not on the list per se, but is a constant in my life. And I tackled cutting my own fluted columns today, successfully, which for me is a wonderful feeling. See the pics for proof, and see my almost finished bookcase which is, strangely enough, already gathering books and videos. So stop holding me up already, I need to start a load of laundry, hang some clothes up, and make the house stink of latex paint for yet another evening of headachey fun!

*Da pics!

Sized just right for paperbacks, and it matches the room's colours nicely, just like the walnut didn't.

Check out that fluting! Granted, paint still needs to go on, as does the roundover on the front of the shelves and the crown moulding, but that comes when I have cash again.

Get an eyefull of that fluting: sweet! And all cut by moi out of a pair of 6' long pieces of white pine stock. Thin enough to blend with the base, thick enough to be seen easily, and the routing is allmost all straight, too! Damn, whatta guy.

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