Feb 16, 2005


There are times when I want to toss this thing through the window.

My computer, that is. Or perhaps I should be tempted to toss my ISP, Cox Communications through the window, which should be quite a bit of doing, but well worth it for the noise and the expressions on the employee's faces. Especially the ones in the breakroom and restrooms.

I had run up a nice big post for today, discussing Westminster's winner last night, amazingly enough NOT a tiny fluff faux-dog but an honest-to-Dog hun'nen dawg, as the neighbors are wont to say around here. The German Short-Haired Pointer won Best In Show last night, perhaps toppling forever the reign of small purse dogs forever! (Last year the winner was a huge, beautiful Newfoundland.)


I had done up a big ole post talking about MY German Short-Haired Pointer, Scooter, from when I was about 10 or so, about what a wonderful piece of work he was, and how hardy and intelligent and etc., and then Blogger and their Pyramid scheme crashed around my ears and lost my post.


So now I'm going to go up on the roof and...well, sweep pine straw off, actually. And maybe post later.

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