Feb 12, 2005

Boy am I a loser

I sent a massive bulk email (the thing I hate most in the entire email universe) to everyone I have ever met in my life, telling them that they need to get off their bums and read my blog and then tell everyone else THEY know about my blog so I can get some serious traffic rolling here, and I was bragging something fierce that I was all about posting EVERY SINGLE DAY, WITHOUT FAIL, SOMETIMES TWICE, and so what do I do this morning?

Everything but blog.

Sheesh, you guys just need to form a double line--one for kicking me in the head, one for kicking me in the arse. *lol*

Part of the problem was having to close one night and open the next morning, which is never a nice thing to do to a guy, but our bum ass. manager decided that since I ratted him out about his at-work porn problem he would start making my schedule even worse than it already is, so Friday night I was the only salesman in the building, and everyone seemed to forget that a salesman has to have SOMEONE TO SELL TO!!! and of course a business supplies store does not exactly have a lot of foot traffic in the middle of the night on a Friday.

Rant almost over.

Finished up the night tired, knee blown out, back aching, got home around 10 pm, checked the email (barely, but hey there ARE some things in life that take precedence) and got a swig of iced tea to take the bitter taste out of my mouth (the taste of NOT having a pipe before bed) and then finally crawled into bed around 10:30 to listen to the cats holding what sounded just like a Formula One race around the house.

This morning came way too early, and knowing that it would be cold and no matter what vehicle I took it would take time (Rita takes ten minutes to get that little straight 6 cylinder up to operating temp, and I take ten minutes to get fully suited up for cold weather motorcycle riding,) so I ended up getting up at the absolute LAST second I could manage, had time for a bowl of Foul Flakes and a glance at some iced tea before I headed out to work. And naturally work was on fire this morning, every time I turned around there was an incident that only I could take care of (I thought specialisation was for insects) and so on and so forth until 5 pm. Off, home free, and trying to catch up on the thousand and one things that I need to get caught up with, such as

a) demonstrating basic competence at being a parent
b) washing clothes (this is the Eternal Duty in this house)
c) completing my Nobel Peace Prize Winning recipe for brownies a'la mode
d) changing the litterbox litter

and so forth. See? Important things.

So tomorrow morning I am a painter again at work. I wish I could report that I was working on a huge back-wall spanning mural depicting the Several Greats of the Dada and Surrealist Movements, but it's hard to work on a mural when all you have is ten gallons of Glidden Ceiling Bright White Interior Latex, and the cheap stuff, at that. Damn, it's hard to be creative when all you have is Bright White Interior Latex and an 18" roller brush.

And a blog that you can't seem to get back to.

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