Feb 10, 2005

I cannot believe

I am alive this early in the morning.

My strange encounter for the day: Yesterday the wife and I had an early dinner/late lunch with a very good friend of mine from the far-away make-believe land of Texas, and we unanimously voted on Chinese food. Now, we have a secret place out here that serves the BEST Chinese food, EVER, and the wait-staff is familiar to us as our own families, so expecting no strangeness, we went to eat.

I could go into excruciating detail, but let's pare this down a bit--our waitress was not only new, she was white. White waitress, Chinese restraunt. Something not adding up. But it gets worse! She's of small size, blonde hair, and very sharp features, and her accent is not from around here, ya'll. We're pondering, while waiting for water and tea, where exactly she blew in from. My vote was way off, (I said Philly) but our Texas companion was right on the money, give or take a few Soviet Socialist countries. We had a Russian mail-order bride (recently divorced) from Saint Petersburg serving us Chinese food in the Deep South.

People, it gets no weirder than that. Pravda, gospodin.

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The Screaming Lemur said...

All I have to say is....TEN FREAKIN' EGGROLLS?!