Feb 8, 2005

If you want someone

to blame for my sudden lack of long or interesting posts, blame my subconscious. For some reason here of late (and last night in specific) my brain has decided to take a rather direct route to making me insane. Sleep last night was impossible to find, and the nightmares were of a very rare and specialised genre indeed, so I woke up this morning at 5:30 with every intention of writing something in here about my being accepted to the Dada Yow! group online, and to tell you guys that I will be having some of my more nihilistic art in online galleries and in a small printed 'zine, but I'm not going to, because my mood right now is black, foul, and in all ways not conducive to me being very fun to be around.

GAH. There are times I would trade my good imagination in for a nice used bicycle.

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