Feb 2, 2005

My computer is...

well, okay, it's a marvel of technology. But it's a confusing one sometime. I'm on a cable modem, and the box stays on all the time, so Windows can get into it and futz around, and so updates and things can be spearheaded right through, without me having to go every couple of days to the update site and find out which glaring holes in security Microsoft found today.

This morning my machine decides it needs to update the software drivers for my video card. No big deal, I let it go on and check my email and read the few blogs I check in the morning. The software finishes installing, and wants a restart. I sigh to myself, and restart the computer. Another install window pops up, I install, it asks for a restart. I do so. A THIRD install appears, I start getting aggravated because I specifically got up early this morning to have time to do things like blog, have breakfast, and maybe do a little paperwork that seems to be starting around me, not spend all morning restarting my computer. The most annoying part of this little cycle is not the restarts so much but that every time I restart an icon for ATI reappears on my desktop, telling me to register my video card, which I think I probably did about a year ago when I installed it, and concurrent with this icon and reminder is about three more windows that follow it, making sure I'm certain that I want to continue with this potentially life-threatening decision not to register a product that I no longer have a serial number for.

I stopped gritting my teeth a long time ago. I think I will start again this morning.

So finally the last (fourth) update this morning was some foolishness for Outlook and for Media Player. I watched the details on this one to make sure nothing was going to go haywire or stoopid or anything, and got to see one of the installs say
"...failed!" like it was cheerful or suprised about it.


Technology is a wonderful thing. Without it I would likely lose track of more than several distant friends, would not get nearly the amount of news I do now, and I wouldn't be able to post the occasional piece of foolishness here, nor would I know what the weather is going to do without going outside and standing in it, but right now that option is starting to appeal to me.

A lot.

Right now I'm glad Bill Gates got pantsed and bookdumped and such as a kid. Dangit, I have to have payback somehow, I'm willing to accept it from thirty-odd years prior to the incident.

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