Feb 22, 2005

My jittery stars and garters--

I just had a 20 oz tumbler of my patent-pending 24-hour brewed, high sugar content iced tea, and then foolishly followed it with a chunk of Godiva (72% pure cocoa) dark chocolate.

I can't hold my hands still anymore. My eyes are vibrating in their sockets (G sharp.) I feel like I'm doing about 70 mph just sitting here.



renegade said...

And you were at work what time this morning? Don't you think the ability to not vibrate off the bed and onto the floor would come in handy at some later point here?
*shaking head*
some people's siblings

Irrelephant said...

You know me, sys--I can't think much past my own trunk. Fortunately for me the jumpies lasted for just about as long as I needed to post that comment, and subsided. I then crashed harder than Earnhardt, 'cept without all the mess.