Feb 19, 2005

Ole Blue Revisited

Well, after a close inspection and using a less than gentle method to haul Ole Blue off her trailer the brother and I have managed to get her to her temporary home.

See, B. had about a thousand extra Mustang wheels and tires lying around the place, as well as the ones that "Doug" made us take, so we found a pair that would hold air and a pair of lugnuts each and stuck them on the back wheels, which in retrospect made no sense, as the rear gears were locked up. For that matter, she had been resting on her drums (rear) and rotors (front) directly on the ground, so it was less than beautiful, and rusted a bit, but we managed to get the rims secured, with enough WD-40 to float a PT boat and a few strained arm muscles.

And yes, the rear end gears were locked up. For a while. *guilty grin* You see, pulling her backwards with the wheels trying to get a grip on those ramps seems to have finally freed up that last remaining bit of rust. Either that or the gears are now powdered, which I don't think is the case, because I didn't hear any grindings or crashings from back there.

Well, the tractor made short work of dragging Ole' Blue off the trailer, uhm, rather violently, because the ramps slipped at the last second and it removed a fair bit of the already destroyed floor pans, but she did made it to the ground, and then we made a very slow, painstaking trip across the yard, hoping like the deevil that Ole Blue wouldn't take a nosedive, which fortunately she didn't.

We dragged her to the back and put her out to pasture, after removing her second door and setting her up on some concrete blocks. I have never felt so redneck in my LIFE. The thing that most helped me get over this feeling is the sure and certain knowledge that we will take off all the bits we need, eBay all the bits and pieces that we can possibly make a buck on, and then the remainders will be RE-loaded onto the trailer and sold for scrap metal. And then there's another one to bring home, the one stuck over at the body shop being cut to bits for cowling pieces, that one is gonna have to be cherry-picked, but Ole Blue 2, she's gonna be restored, we've decided. There's enough good metal on her to make it well worthwhile, and so it's a done deal--Mustang Restoration #3, this one yours truly is going to be fairly deeply involved.

The one drawback with this one? The engine is a little tired.

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