Feb 28, 2005

Sometimes the bear bites you

Sometimes you bite the bear.

Or so I'm told. I've never been bitten by a bear, nor have I ever had my mouth anywhere near a bear, tho I did mistakenly marry a Goat once. I'm having one of those days. You know the kind, the sort of day where you just can't quite get pointed in the right direction, when the tasks (numerous) of the day (short) seem to all be jostling for position but noone seems willing to step up and be first in line so all you have is a jumble of things needing to be done.

Lessee--thus far I have the following:

  • Buy a pair of beard trimming scissors to replace the lost pair
  • Finish hanging up the clothes
  • Finish washing the clothes from last night
  • Buy a pint of paint to finish the bookcase, then fill
  • Make some trim pieces for the bookcase so it ain't ugly no mo
  • Price a planer because I have some money saved and a coupon
  • Wash the truck
  • Wash the bike
  • Sweep the house, and Swiffer it good *whoosh-POP*
  • Invent a better written sound for a whip
  • Clean the office, and dust
  • Pick up all the limbs and sticks out of the yard
  • Clean out the dining room from the move--boxes still remain
  • Set more traps for the shop rats
  • Work on (if not complete) the Dada Tea Service
  • Get with Justynn on "Cornucopia" and my vision for it's new direction
  • Ship a human brain
  • Sweep the garage
  • Get the bike in the shop to see why it's burning oil
  • Get the truck in the shop to get it's carb readjusted

The problem being, I could sit here all day and keep adding things to the list, but it wouldn't help get the above list worked on, so let's secure that line of inquiry.

So you see my dilemna. I think at this point I'm going to sit here and be cold more. No, since it's still down around Brutal degrees outside I think I might tackle a few of the inside things, then work my way slowly outside--sweep the garage first as a sort of warm up (literally) so that I can go from there to the shop, where it stays about ten degrees colder than everywhere else in winter, and only a few degrees colder in the summer.

In case you were wondering how to ship a human brain, here's how.

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