Feb 15, 2005

What's WRONG with you people!?

Blogging is sort of a contract, see, between you, the blogger, and us, the...uhm...blogee. You have agreed to let us into your life, and we have agreed to read it and not make too much fun of you. The bit I'm having difficulty with is that you haven't updated! Any of you!

See, I read three or four blogs in the am, bits and pieces that interest me for different reasons. One from a favourite author, one from across the Pond for that foreign flair and so I can pick up some British slang, one from my surrogate daughter because it's difficult to keep up with her what with work and fiancee woes and etc., and one from my syster, who blogs about once a year, and my wife's, who blogs about three times a year, so it's no surprise there when I find those two blank, but STILL. Oh, and that SciFi one that posts about seven times a DAY, I read that one, if nothing else to get my blood boiling.

And this morning? Nothing. From anyone. What gives? I offer up my little bite of time each morning while the NASCATS* tear around the house thinking I'm about to feed them Pouch (Pouch is solely the responsibility of the wife, since she started that habit, and enables it.) I mean, I could be using this ten minutes to, oh, do pushups. Or solve differential equations in my head. Or wash clothes. Or folding clothes. But NO, I spend it here, slaving over a hot keyboard, wrecking my vision staring at this blindingly white Phillips 19" monitor, wracking my brains for some little informative or humourous tidbit to offer you, a humble penitent at the alter, hoping not to be crushed by your indifference.

Wow, I've got troubles, don't I?

* The wife has already given them their racing names, and is going to sew up some number vests, and is helping them contact their potential sponsors. I just hope their sponsorship stickers are fairly small.

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