Mar 10, 2005

Behind closed doors

Well, it's done.

I'm home, have done a little editing for clarity and posted all the drafts I made during the day, and have walked out the doors of Office Depot #349 as an employee for the last time. Now all that remains is for me to let my vacation time run, and collect the last paychecks.

I mentioned it earlier, but it bears repeating--I have never left a job behind where so many people hated to see me go. It's quite a heady experience.

When I left Toys, there was only one person who was upset, and that was my syster, who I have stayed in contact with since I met her, so it's not like a shock or anything that she was upset. The rest, well, they were work acquaintences, nothing more.

When I left Loewer Powersports both times it was because I had been fired, so there wasn't exactly time for drawn-out goodbyes, and they weren't necessary, I was glad to be going both times.

When I gave notice at Sutherland Lumber it was notice that I was walking out, and there was only one person there whom I really gave a s**t about, and he was off that day, so it was no pain, no loss. I don't think I've EVER left a job where it was really a big deal, until this time. This time I left with presents, a cake, candy, two cards, and tears. Yup, tears. I had people weeping small tears that I was leaving. I mean, no-one was rending hair and clothing, but there was tears. I have never been so torn. *lol*

I hate that I meant that much to people that they'd get upset over my going, but it didn't change a thing, since I have spent four and a half years there not being able to change anything. Why start now, eh? But, it's really humbling to realise that I had that sort of effect on folks. Made me feel really good inside, it did. And I'm still glad I'm leaving.

I'm not going to miss the aching knees, the sore feet, the hurting back, and hearing my name called over the intercom every five minutes while I'm at lunch. I'm not gonna miss the complete idiot customers, the mouth-breathers, and the fucknuts who ask me the difference between "wireless" connections and "cordless" connection. Uhm....WTF? I'm not gonna miss the problems, and not gonna miss the managers coming to me to fix other people's fuckups.

I am going to miss working with a fair number of the folks there, gonna miss the opportunities for phat overtime, and even gonna miss being the store handyman, but not that much. Did I mention that I'm not gonna miss the sore feet and aching knees? I must walk several miles a day -- correction, must HAVE walked several miles a day in there.

Kay. More meanderings later.

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