Mar 10, 2005

Closing doors

It's been a strange sort of day.

I've spent most of it finding out just how much I've meant to a lot of people here. I knew I'd impacted some folks here, had made acquaintences and such, and even two good friends whom I will be taking with me, if not in person then in spirit, but I never knew that many people cared that much about me.

I have had visitors in several times today, have gotten a lovely and very sweet card from one of the cashiers, and had lunch yesterday with one of my good friends there, and will be having lunch in just a little bit with the other, newer friend. And I have been constantly shocked at how much people tell me they're gonna miss me. Employees and even a few customers who I have had the chance to tell goodbye. They always look shocked that I'm leaving, I'm sure because they can't see what goes on behind the walls and doors of this place, but then I tell them that I'm moving on and out of retail, and it all comes clear to them. That they seem to understand.

I've spent the day telling myself things like "Well, this is the last time you'll do ticket maintenance" or "This is the last time you're gonna have to change the date on the calendar" and so forth, and it's not bringing me down at all, it's instead just making the end that much more bittersweet. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to be going, but the connections that I've made in the past years, that's the hard part.

I've also had the most wonderful feeling of getting away with something, sitting here in the back office working on my blog while the front end crashes and burns. *lmao* Sweet!

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